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ZoneLink MultiCore Optimizer v.1.0

Posted by Ferryansyah Thursday, June 4, 2009

Speed up your Apps and Games - With an intelligent load balancing of processes on different cores of you multicore system, applications and the whole system will be speed up a considerable amount of percentage. MultiCore Optimizer manages processes easy and comfortable. You can set priorities and create profiles to automatically load your personal settings with every start of your PC.

10 reasons for using Multicore Optimizer
1. Speeds up apps and games
2. Turbo-button to speed up one process
3. Automatic-button to increase general system performance
4. See detailed information about processes and system
5. Save profiles to automatically start your PC with your personalized settings
6. Supports up to 8 CPU cores
7. Integrated update system
8. Integrated task manager
9. Vista gadget for Windows sidebar included
10. Low resource usage

* Windows XP, Vista (32-Bit)
* Multicore Sytem with 2, 4 or CPUs
* min 256 MB RAM
* optional: For using the gadget Windows Vista is required

Download ZoneLink MultiCore Optimizer v.1.0 now.