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Driver Genius Pro

Posted by Ferryansyah Sunday, July 26, 2009 0 comments

Driver Genius is a powerful driver manager for Windows that can backup, restore and update your drivers in several mouse clicks!

Backup Drivers - Driver Genius can detect and quickly backup the installed drivers in your system. It can compress the backup drivers to a zip file, self extracting file or an independent auto installer program.

Restore Drivers - You need not install drivers one-by-one after reinstalling your operating system. Just one click is all you need to install all your backup drivers automatically. You can also install drivers in command mode silently.

Update/Search Drivers - Are you still using an old driver or beta version drivers? These faulty drivers often cause compatibility problems and are one of the main causes of system crashes. A suitable driver can improve hardware performance by 50% or even more. There is information on more than 30,000 device drivers in the Driver Genius Database including Motherboard, Sound card, Video card, Network card, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, Digital devices etc. With one mouse click, Driver Genius can detect what drivers need updating. All drivers we offer are official version or WHQL versions--you can use them without any worries.

Uninstall Drivers - There could be some leftover drivers in your system due to hardware changes or previous driver updates. Driver Genius can find these useless drivers quickly and uninstall them.

LiveUpdate - We will update large numbers of drivers on our website. You can synchronize your database with our website to get the latest driver versions through the Liveupdate feature.

What can I do with Driver Genius?

Quickly backup device drivers for your computer.
One click will install all drivers.
Keep your drivers up to date.
Scan and fix your driver problem.

Download Driver Genius Pro now.

Magic Speed

Posted by Ferryansyah Wednesday, July 22, 2009 0 comments

Your PC is slow in boot-up and running? Magic Speed will make your PC faster and more efficient in 5 simple steps. The software package includes startup management, fixing registry errors, Disk clean-up, and memory management. It does not require special PC knowledge!

Magic Speed will analyze your applications, which are loaded with your PC boot-up. Are you sure that you really need these applications? When loaded, they occupy PC memory and slow down PC operation. A check-up will also include virus and spyware tests thanks to a new anti-virus engine updated on a daily basis.

Registry errors also negatively affect PC efficiency. By deleting temporary files, you will increase free space on your hard drive and speed up its operation. Make use of the unique Boost Windows option - by adding it to the startup you will discover a great improvement to your PC operation!

Tune your PC for the maximum efficiency!

Download Magic Speed now.

Folder Shield

Posted by Ferryansyah Monday, July 20, 2009 0 comments

* Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible
* Folder Shield is a softeware that can hide any folders completely and securely.
* Your personal documents, private photographs etc. are invisible, and hence no longer accessible, as soon as the relevant folders have been hidden with Folder Shield…
* Just specify all confidential folders, activate Folder Shield’s protection and all folders will be hidden and your sensitive data will be protected against unauthorized access.

* As Folder Shield operates on a driver basis and does not modify or encrypt the data, even huge quantities of data can be concealed quick as a flash with Folder Shield. With the appropriate configuration settings, a hot key (combination of keys) is sufficient to make the selected data disappear.
* Folder Shield vastly increases the security of your PC, while at the same time being so simple and very convenient to use.
Here are some key features of “Folder Shield”:
· Hides entire folders, even in DOS windows
· Even hides your data from trojans, viruses and other malicous programs
· Automatically protects your data, if your computer is not in use
· Once configured you only need to press a single hotkey to protect your data
· Automatically protects your system at Windows startup
· Uses very little memory and does not significantly reduce the performance of your system
· Context-sensitive help
· Supports Drag & Drop
· Runs as Service on WinNT/2000/XP
· Prevents access to the F8-Bootmenu and the registry editor (only with Win9x/ME)
· Optional password protection
· Very easy to use

Download Folder Shield now.

Stardock Fences

Posted by Ferryansyah Saturday, July 18, 2009 0 comments

Fences is a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for your desktop icons. These groups can help bring organization and consistency to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant mess" problem that has plagued the desktop since its inception.

Fences also helps you finally appreciate the wallpaper you have hiding behind all that clutter.
In addition to its organizing features, Fences offers a novel quick-hide feature (in-patenting-process). Double click your desktop, and all your icons will fade out. Double click again, and they'll return.

Download Stardock Fences now.

WinSettings Pro 9.0

Posted by Ferryansyah Monday, July 13, 2009 0 comments

WinSettings Pro consists of over 40 essential utilities, conveniently organized, that perform Uninstall, Clean Up, Registry Settings, and Desktop Enhancement functions - all at your fingertips. You no longer have to buy a separate utility just to perform one group of functions or hunt around trying to find out where all the hidden features of Windows are. It also lets you schedule clean up tasks so you can set it up once and be set for life.


WinSettings Pro lets you review and remove unwanted programs from Windows Startup to keep them from slowing down Windows Startup. Online activities like surfing accumulates cookies, script, download graphics, music, and programs that can crimp the efficiency of even the fastest machines. Clean up Tracks, Remove Unregistered Programs, and Secure Delete will make your computer run better and protect your privacy.


Need more room on your drive? Use Junk and Duplicate Files Remover to scan your hard drives. You will be surprised how much space you can reclaim. Getting a new drive and need to move applications over? Use WinSettings PRO to take care of all the work for you, move files, move folders, update registry, shortcuts, and other references.


You can control what changes are allowed in your Windows and the Internet settings. For example, you can restrict others from changing your Internet security settings. Plus WinSetttings Pro tools can be password protected so that only authorized users can make the changes.


WinSettings Pro lets you customize your Desktop with automated multimedia features like auto wallpaper changer, background music, and screensaver control. The WinSettings Pro customizable tray menu gives you quick access to useful system information and tools.


WinSettings Pro offers you 16 ways to capture all or part of screen or just the application contents. You can save, print, email, and use them in other program.

Download WinSettings Pro 9.0 now.

Ashampoo HDD Control 1.00

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The Ashampoo HDD Control software performs hard disk maintenance for you. This involves taking measures to prevent potential failures and crashes before they occur. Towards this end, the program combines several functions available for the first time in this particular configuration. The software supports all commonly available IDE and serial ATA drives.

Based on the type of drive in use, Ashampoo HDD Control provides the user with all important facts and information, including the drive serial number, firmware version, cache size, number of configured partitions, drive space and current temperature. As the number of signs indicating that the drive could soon potentially fail begins to mount, the background guard signals an alarm. If you are not near your computer, the program can be set up to notify you of the alert by email. In the final report, the program also provides information on the health and performance of the hard drive shown in percentages. Over time, an ever-growing number of unwanted and unneeded files accumulate on your hard drive and Ashampoo HDD Control is a useful tool to help you locate and delete these files. If not enough space is available to store the complete file in this space, it is broken up into fragments. Windows in turn saves these at different locations on the hard drive in order to make best use of the available gaps. For this reason, it is easy to understand why the computer takes longer to read the file, since it first of all needs to locate and assemble all the separate fragments.

Here are some key features of "Ashampoo HDD Control":

Basic functions:
· Information on serial numbers, firmware, cache, bad sectors on your hard disk(s)
· Background guard continuously monitors status, performance and temperature
· In-depth explanations and information on context-sensitive help
· Displays all current SMART files with detailed explanations
· Able to export reports for support purposes
· Fully configurable temperature monitoring available in Celsius and Fahrenheit
· Option to automatically save all incidents in separate log
· Simple controls and GUI including color schemes
· Easy and automatic software updates

· Powerful, high-speed disk clean-up
· Objects found can be configured and managed in shortcut menus
· Objects found can be managed using intelligent filter mechanisms
· New exception rules can be created manually or automatically
· Supports the latest generation of browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera)
· Wide range of options to customize configuration to meet user requirements
· High level of security thanks to years of experience and advanced cookie management

· High-quality defragmentation performed to latest standards
· Fully automatic ‘proactive’ defragmentation runs in background
· Defragmentation algorithm with minimum impact on system performance
· Range of defragmentation options (fast, normal, intelligent)
· Parallel defragmentation of all drives and/or partitions
· Comprehensive configuration and customization options

· Monitoring
· Self-monitoring, analysis, status reports on imminent failures
· Evaluation of health and performance status of your hard drive(s)
· Range of evaluation criteria available for customized configuration
· Email alerts to notify user that condition of hard drive(s) has deteriorated and failure is imminent
· Direct link to Windows event log
S.M.A.R.T. technology provides information on (if supported by drive):
· Number of hours in operation and start-up processes
· Error rate during positioning
· Start/stop processes of drive heads
· Number of parking sequences for write/read units
· Disk calibration attempts
· Reallocations (in event of bad disk sectors)
· Controller hard drive transfer rate (defective cable)
· And many more
· Temperature display including early warning of overheating

· Identifies all values required to evaluate the performance of your hard drive(s)
· Clearly structured GUI for performance evaluation (benchmark)
· Online database link for direct comparison of your results with other systems
Clear presentation of information and values on:
· min./max. data transfer rates
· average data transfer rates
· access times


· At least a minimum of 128 MB RAM should be available on your system.
· 10 MB hard disk space.
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is required.
· Full administrative rights are required to use the program.

Download Ashampoo HDD Control 1.00 now.

Advanced JPEG Compressor 2009 7.1.88

Posted by Ferryansyah Sunday, July 12, 2009 0 comments

Advanced JPEG Compressor – one of the most functional programs to compress the images as JPEG. The ability to compress up to 50% without loss of quality. The program has almost everything that you can only wish the program to compress images. The main feature of the program is the ability to view compressed images in real time, ie you increase or reduce the level of compression, and the picture is immediately changed. Thus, you can immediately see the result. There are also several filters for image processing. They can be used if you want to make the picture more cglazhennoy or, conversely, make it clear. The program will undoubtedly be useful for web-designers, because will significantly reduce the amount of graphics on the site, thereby increasing the speed of the download.

The key features of Advanced JPEG Compressor are:
· Interactivity – the process of compression becomes visual, effectively trading image quality with file size by adjusting the compressor’s settings. It also offers a preview of the resulting image immediately in the result image preview window
· Multi-document interface allows you to work with many images at the same time, enabling you to view and compare different compression parameters applied to either the same or different images
· Advanced JPEG compression engine, specially optimized for higher image quality, considerably reduces the file size of images and provides the most comprehensive set of options to tune the compression level
· Compression profiles considerably improve processing of multiple images with similar characteristics. A compression profile contains the most important compression parameters along with resizing information. You can create, save, edit and apply named compression profiles
· Photo hosting integration allows you to save photos in the Web. Our photo hosting service allows you to upload and store your photos on our web server. Use this feature to share your photos online – email links, insert photos in forums, use for auctions, etc.
· Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer is a unique feature that gives you significant flexibility in adjusting the compressed image quality. Its 5 bands are intended to tune the compression level applied to the image details with different sizes (ranging from large to small)
· Compression-oriented image prefiltering helps to achieve better compression/optimization results and improve the visual appearance of an image. You can choose one of five filters and change the level and radius (depth) of applying the active filter
· Separate compression sliders for Luma(intensity) and Chroma(color) channels allow you to gain better compression results, eliminate color artefacts, and significantly improve the compressed image quality
· Hold the defined compression ratio is a unique feature for graphic software that allows you to create images whose file size is limited by the defined compression ratio (like the “bit rate” parameter for audio files), and does not depend on their content
· Selective image compression – some areas of the image can be compressed more or less than others. This useful feature allows you to save high quality for the most important parts of the image (faces,etc.), and lower for the rest, achieving excellent compression results
· Progressive JPEG images support; images in this format being published on the Web will be incrementally displayed (gradually improving their quality) during loading from the Internet or other communications
· Additional options for adjusting precision of compression allow you to get the best result depending on the priority: small file size or high image quality (which means large file size)
· Ability to acquire images from TWAIN compliant devices – such as scanners or digital cameras
· Image Resizing(Resampling) by using one of three implemented high-quality interpolation methods
· Viewing/Editing the invisible text (signature, copyright notice, comments, etc.) embedded in your JPEG file
· Possibility to crop unnecessary portions of the image
· Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface

Download Advanced JPEG Compressor 2009 7.1.88 now.

Firegraphic 10

Posted by Ferryansyah Thursday, July 9, 2009 0 comments

Firegraphic is an all-in-one photo viewer for serious photographers and people at work. You can easily import, view, organize, edit, print and share your photos. All your photos, files, and folders are displayed on screen, just scroll down the page and you'll see all the files in each folder and subfolder. This makes it easier for you to organize photos in folders and Favorites. Quickly preview the imported photos using the photo pop-up preview and folder preview. You can open two or more photos to view and compare them side by side. Instantly play your videos with Firegraphic's built-in media player while organizing your video collections.

Firegraphic's adjustment tools can make your photos look even better. Use the Brightness/Contrast tool to increase the brightness and adjust the contrast level of the photo. Or fix the color in any photo with the Color Balance tool. Use the batch function to rename, rotate, resize, convert, and enhance photos in batch. This saves you time in editing photos one by one. Arrange for best fit and print multiple photos on one page with the Smart printing feature, this helps you save money on photo paper. You can select multiple photos to print at various sizes with the pre-designed print templates or print a contact sheet of your photos as a reference. The print preview will show how the print out looks likes. Any change to the print preference will reflect in the print preview instantly.

Main features:

» Lightening fast
» View photos and folders all at once
» Lossless JPEG compression
» Full screen mode
» Pop-up photo preview
» Batch process
» Compact and Full modes
» Crop photos
» Play videos with built-in media player
» Capture video screen
» Print your photos
» Import and rename photos
» Organize photos in Favorites
» Compare photos side-by-side
» Open multiple Viewers
» Fix and enhance photos
» Support RAW formats from a wide range of digital cameras

Download Firegraphic 10 now.

Systweak BoostXP v.2.0.0

Posted by Ferryansyah Monday, July 6, 2009 0 comments

BoostXP is a collection of utilities and tools, which can help you in optimizing the performance of your computer. The performance of every machine starts to deteriorate with regular usage. Your computer may not perform as efficiently as before it used to when new. This can be due to lack of regular maintenance. A PC is like any other machine and BoostXP has all the tools, which you may need to keep your PC 'running like new'.

BoostXP has a new interface, which is neatly organized, with standard Explorer like icons. It includes tools to change your Windows settings for customizing and personalizing your Windows. It also has performance improving tools like Registry Cleaner, Memory Optimizer, Safe Uninstaller, Startup Manager etc. These tools together, help you make your copy of Windows your own, and also help you Boost the performance of your PC without much effort or knowledge. BoostXP is recommended for you if you want the best performance from your computer.

Download Systweak BoostXP v.2.0.0 now.

Error Repair Professional v.4.0.0

Posted by Ferryansyah Sunday, July 5, 2009 0 comments

Keep your PC operating smoothly by using Error Repair Professional to scan, identify, clean and repair errors in your PC with a single click. With a few easy steps, it will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found. You can then choose to selectively clean each item or automatically repair them all. Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

Windows Registry is the nerve center of your PC and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. These problems can occur for many reasons including uninstalling software with poor un-installation routines, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, improperly deleting files and orphaned startup programs. By using Error Repair Professional regularly to fix error in Windows registry, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows boot faster.

The Windows registry is a database which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows 32-bit versions, 64-bit versions. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of the PC. Whenever a user makes changes to "Control Panel" settings, or file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry.

Download Error Repair Professional v.4.0.0 now.

Sound Normalizer v.2.60

Posted by Ferryansyah Friday, July 3, 2009 0 comments

The Sound Normalizer improves and regains a quality of Mp3 and Wav files. It is reached by the test and normalization of the level volume of Mp3 and Wav files. The Sound Normalizer contains batch processor and it allows to fulfill the batch test, batch normalization and batch converting Mp3 and Wav files. The Sound Normalizer allows to fulfill the test and normalization separately for each channel.

Download Sound Normalizer v.2.60 now.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5

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The Fastest Firefox Yet
Things move quickly online, and we’ve beefed up the engine that runs Firefox to make sure you can keep up: Firefox 3.5 is more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and ten times as fast as Firefox 2.* As a result, Web applications like email, photo sites and your favorite social networks will feel snappier and more responsive.

New Feature

Advancing the Web
We’ve been working hard to make sure Firefox 3.5 brings you the best of the modern web. With new features like private browsing, tear-off tabs and enhancements to the Awesome Bar, plus major performance enhancements, you’ll enjoy life on the cutting edge.

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 now.