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Folder Shield

Posted by Ferryansyah Monday, July 20, 2009

* Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible
* Folder Shield is a softeware that can hide any folders completely and securely.
* Your personal documents, private photographs etc. are invisible, and hence no longer accessible, as soon as the relevant folders have been hidden with Folder Shield…
* Just specify all confidential folders, activate Folder Shield’s protection and all folders will be hidden and your sensitive data will be protected against unauthorized access.

* As Folder Shield operates on a driver basis and does not modify or encrypt the data, even huge quantities of data can be concealed quick as a flash with Folder Shield. With the appropriate configuration settings, a hot key (combination of keys) is sufficient to make the selected data disappear.
* Folder Shield vastly increases the security of your PC, while at the same time being so simple and very convenient to use.
Here are some key features of “Folder Shield”:
· Hides entire folders, even in DOS windows
· Even hides your data from trojans, viruses and other malicous programs
· Automatically protects your data, if your computer is not in use
· Once configured you only need to press a single hotkey to protect your data
· Automatically protects your system at Windows startup
· Uses very little memory and does not significantly reduce the performance of your system
· Context-sensitive help
· Supports Drag & Drop
· Runs as Service on WinNT/2000/XP
· Prevents access to the F8-Bootmenu and the registry editor (only with Win9x/ME)
· Optional password protection
· Very easy to use

Download Folder Shield now.