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Winamp Pro 5.57

Posted by Ferryansyah Friday, December 18, 2009

What's New? Video!
Winamp PRO 5.57 includes native video support including H.264 encoded video for the most popular file formats (MP4, MKV, & AVI). There are also updates to the Media Library that improve video metadata and organization. Now you can use Winamp PRO to manage both your music & video collections, while still enjoying all of the customizations you made to your player with skins, plug-ins, & visualizations.

There are also a lot of improvements to the standard free Winamp Media Player...

Windows 7:
Now fully Windows 7 compliant including new Win7 preview capabilities with the new Aero Interface.

New Online Services:
Which means new ways to use Winamp! We have worked with a few partners to launch some Winamp customized Online Services (web apps). These new services offer one click access to tour listings, tickets, music downloads and lyrics. Thanks to our partners Tour Tracker, Metrolyrics and 7digital, as you are listening to individual tracks, Winamp will automatically display concert tickets, lyrics and download information. Last but not least there is a new version of MP3 of the Day from Spinner, customized for Winamp.

Winamp Add-ons gallery:
Search, browse and install Winamp skins, plug-ins, visualizations, and online services from within Winamp to personalize the player to suit your needs.

Bring your own ID:
Track your music usage by signing in with any of the following accounts: Winamp, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Facebook or OpenID.

Charts/Orgler improvements:
Winamp's Orlger tracks your music usage and powers Winamp Charts. Charts, now features improved track matching, My History in real-time, All Time Top Charts and updated date ranges for filtering. We've also built a new slick Orgler Module, which lets you broadcast your listening history on your website, blog, or e-mail signature.

Podcast Directory redesign:
The redesigned Podcast Directory interface now includes quick subscriptions to popular podcasts, more ways to customize your subscriptions, and the ability to remember your last playback position.

Download Winamp Pro 5.57 now.
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